"We will correct our deficiencies."

The change of the date of the derby he embarrassed your preparation?

Not necessarily. We were green on Saturday and it is there that we learned of the postponement of the match. So we had let the players return to their respective homes after internal opposition, asking them to stay tuned. They were recalled on Sunday night, as soon as the reprogramming has been made. We have remained focused to not lose our objective in view, namely: to forget the defeat of the previous day.

What is that makes the difference for ASEC Mimosas in the derby?

We went into this match with a very good state of mind. Physically, we were present and the players had really wanted to redeem himself after the underperformance of the 8th day. He had to raise the head and give joy to our supporters. There was also the challenge of the derby to win to avoid the doubt settles in the mind of the players.

ASEC Mimosas won, but you seem completely happy?

Instead, I'm very happy because I just beat the eternal rival. I only regret that we do not yet realize the majority of opportunities that we create. But I am convinced that we will erase this defect.

After this derby, we enter a truce over three weeks, because of the conduct of the CAN. It didn't just break your nice momentum?

I rather think she's welcome. It will allow us to work again to correct our shortcomings. Already this Friday, we will argue a friendly match. After that, we will leave players to rest all next week. A trip to Burkina Faso is expected to continue our preparation. The rest of the season will be very delicate with the African competitions which will start soon. We intend to take advantage of this trip to make adjustments during the truce.

Interview conducted by H.K