Les Actionnaires sont la pierre sur laquelle est édifiée l’ASEC Mimosas

Last Monday, I found myself in the Church Saint Pierre de Blockhauss for a wake. On my arrival in this beautiful religious enclosure, I was struck by the yellow worn by the members of the family of the deceased. I then remembered that it was referred to as shareholder.


DIAGOU Yapouadou Christophe said shareholder – it is him it comes – was known and recognized for all to Blockhauss for his membership in the family of ASEC Mimosas. The priest of the parish St. Peter, speaking of him, recalled that he had used to do the quest in the Church, a whistle in his mouth, dressed in the colors of his Club, which never failed to amuse the faithful and relaxed atmosphere. His Eminence Jean-Pierre Cardinal KUTWA, close to the deceased, said that in 1995, after the final lost against Orlando Pirates, “Shareholder” had forgotten his car to the stadium. He was returned home on foot and was locked himself in his room for three days to mourn his defeat team…


Listening to these stories of the eve of the meeting before we oppose the Africa Sports of Abidjan, our dear rival, I asked about the special bond that can develop and exist throughout a life between a supporter and his Club. I give you here some of my reflections on the role and the contribution of the supporter.


The supporter is the holder of the soul of the Club. He lives, writes and tells the story of the Club. It is also a Club Ambassador, responsible volunteers to ensure the promotion of its values and defend its image. Finally, it is a forwarding agent of the passion aroused by the Club, which made him a recruiter of a special kind because it does not find talent but allows, by her enthusiasm, to attract new supporters. All these features give the fan status a true guarantor of the continuity of the Club. It plays its role perfectly by giving of his time, energy and sometimes money to the life and activities of his Club. What are all these facets that have been collected in the shareholder name. It perfectly reflects the idea that the supporter is the first resource of the yellow and black Club.


Ivory Coast, ASEC Mimosas has established particularly strong links with his supporters. These were all fighting Club, it never giving up despite the vicissitudes of the political and economic life of our country. By their presence and their attachment, supporters helped ASEC Mimosas to acquire an unparalleled popularity in West Africa. It was this popularity that attracts sponsors and give our Club a place in the sport and social landscape Ivorian. It is the means by which the supporters provide human support, then transformed by the leaders in economic support.


Thus, it is undeniable that supporters play a leading role in the development of a Club. ASEC Mimosas is proof. When president Roger OUÉGNIN abandons the presidential box to settle among supporters, as he did in the game against the AFRICA Sports of Abidjan, he asks a bunch of messages Act. I read in his gesture a testimony of gratitude to his supporters and a declaration of trust by which he reminds them that he is one of them and he can do nothing without them. I see a lesson in humility for the leaders that we are, and also a return to the simple pleasure of being in the middle of faces friends, attached to the same institution, ASEC Mimosas, to share the joy of winning the derby in Abidjan. A great leader must also be a big supporter…


“Shareholder” was buried last Wednesday at Blockhauss, after a victory of ASEC Mimosas, his Club he loved with passion throughout his life. We can tell her goodbye saying that his Club will survive him. Because, as Pierre has been for the Church, the shareholders are the stone on which is built the ASEC Mimosas.



By Léonce YACÉ, President-delegate of the ASEC Mimosas


Excerpt from the Mimosas Magazine N ° 1308 of January 12, 2017