La défaite est salutaire parce qu’elle nous offre un bon moyen de prévention contre l’excès de confiance ...

ASEC Mimosas began 2017 in a rather unexpected way. What was feared since the beginning of the Ligue 1 Championship eventually happen in the first game of the new year. Mimos stumbled against the players of the AFAD. This hitch comes after a series of seven matches without defeat. It can be deplored and regretted. However, I think that should call everything into question. I even tend to believe that it is a beneficial accident. That’s what I’ll try to explain below.

Invincibility preserved during the first seven days of Ligue 1 had installed shareholders in a gentle euphoria. Rivers scores, goals from elsewhere, EQ of last minute, technical gestures and all this recital served Mimosas style enthusiasts had attracted shareholders. These long weaned the joys from the place of the Ligue 1 Championship leader, welcomed the return of the children having fun and earning. Just check the reactions of shareholders on the Facebook page of the Club to measure satisfaction and confidence that is were seized from them.

This melody, sweet to the ears of shareholders, had yet to make prudent. She was not wearing her this insidious through called overconfidence?

 It is an understatement that overconfidence had won our players. It has not recognized them on Wednesday in front of the AFAD. Their fine start to the match, quickly confirmed by opening the scoring, had given way to Senators, their strength and their star safe delivery.

It is, quite rightly, that this unusual attitude of players mimos, close to a lack of respect for the opponent, has been sanctioned by a defeat. Mimos, authors of several hiccups on net opportunities of goal, have opened big arms to that first defeat. Them now to do their soul-searching before returning to the fight as soon as this Sunday, against the Africa Sports of Abidjan.

Some of us are obviously shot. They fear no doubt relive the miscalculations of recent seasons during which the ASEC Mimosas had been often in mind before getting behind his opponents in the final moments of the Championship. I can understand those who think this way, but I do not share their view. I consider that the defeat of this Wednesday is an evil necessary. A bad because we just lost the leading position. Needed because suffered setbacks will necessarily lead to a questioning of the players and all the staff side ground blessed. How many times must I repeat that the Championship will be won that game after game? In these successive games, our team can afford to look down his opponents. Staff technical, invested with the confidence of executives and shareholders, must make the right technical, tactical, and human choices without hesitation to take risks. It is his role, and nobody him won’t try to make the best of the group giving their luck to all players.

The defeat is beneficial because it offers us a good way of prevention against overconfidence that watched the Group Yellow and black. Sunday’s game is a great opportunity to raise its head. In the face of rival club, Mimos players regain cohesion, physical presence, efficiency and rage to defeat that they were lacking before the AFAD. 

Shareholders will be there, many, to cheer on their team and push to victory. But the victory will be possible only if, at the laboratory of Sol Beni, the football engineers learn from defeat on Wednesday. “The victory will never come to you, said Napoleon Bonaparte. It is up to you to fetch it. “That’s exactly, the imperative that we need to implement as soon as Sunday.

Good game!

By Léonce YACÉ, President-delegate of the ASEC Mimosas

Excerpt from the Mimosas Magazine N ° 07 January 2017 1307