The ASEC conceded his first defeat

BROWN Alloy est passé à côté de son match.

The AFAD came to ASEC Mimosas (2-1), tonight, at the Robert Champroux Stadium, when the shock of the 8th day of League 1. An unexpected defeat that lost its place as leader in favour of Séwé Sport to ASEC Mimosas.

The game starts in the best way for ASEC Mimosas, on his first real opportunity goal, opened the scoring in the 8th minute. The action is clear with a two game or even a touch of ball and concluded a cold blood by OUATTARA Issouf, on a nice discount point penalty by ANGBANDJI Alex (0-1, 8 min). Truly launched, there is a fun game with beautiful technical gestures and a tough tussle in midfield. The replica Afadiste follows in the 13th minute, on a shot at the entrance to repair YOPINI Hervé mimosas surface that goes over the crossbar. The first period was very contested but lack of real opportunities to goal. ASEC Mimosas to get nevertheless two others, in the 25th minute and then in the 38th minute, but each time, NOUGBELE Christian and DIABY Amara strikes miss the frame of the goal guarded by ‘n’ DRIN Ulrich, the goalkeeper of AFAD.

As soon as the kickoff of the second half, ASEC Mimosas Gets a great opportunity as a result of a beautiful ensemble playing. BROWN Alloy is served on a platter of gold, in the small rectangle of the penalty area, but the mimosas attack procrastinates and wastes the opportunity. Surely one of rotating the game since, practically in the course of this loser, the AFAD has a counter-attack and gets a corner. On this stopped SERY Derou Texas kick, the ball manages to second post to DOUKOURÉ Kevin, which of the flat of the foot, restored parity in the score (1-1, 49th min). The game becomes more lively. The AFAD gaining in confidence and shows still more threatening, as on this action in the 60th minute, where she misses few to take advantage, but as BROWN Alloy, DJAMA Joe Amian lack of lucidity to score.  ASEC Mimosas reacts to the threat on a new opportunity, unfortunately still poorly operated by Issouf OUATTARA whose type is countered (64th minute).  The event of this evening comes in the 70th minute. The coming into play of Bakari KONE said “BAKI”, which marks his return to the ASEC Mimosas 15 years after, under the applause of the public. While approaching cheerfully towards the end of the meeting, and on a ball in the back of the defense mimosas, Madou fire leaves at the edge of the out of the game to beat Boris MANDJUI, the goalkeeper of ASEC Mimosas (2-1, 82nd min). The AFAD takes advantage, within minutes of the end of the game and plays maliciously time until the final whistle and wins eventually.
ASEC Mimosas so suffered its first defeat of the season and lost the leadership in favour of Séwé Sport, winner of Africa Sports (1-0), in the first opposition of the day on Wednesday.
8th day to forget for the two big rivals who will meet, this Sunday, January 8, from 17:30 at the Champroux Stadium, to reconnect with the victory, in the first derby of the season, counting for the 9th day of League 1. 


Harouna KONE