Mimos players and their coach pose for posterity with the 17th National Cup of ASEC Mimosas.
17th title for the ASEC
The 48th edition of the National Cup final held this later to stade Robert Champrouxde Marcory.
The kickoff was given at 15:00, by the central referee Burkina.
No round of observation for both teams. It’s the ASEC, who goes to the collision of the defence of the ASI of Abengourou. But already, barely two minutes of game, Mimos are deprived of one of its best offensive assets, Brefo Mensah, on a fault of the axial of the ASI of Abengourou Defender #.
ASEC play 10 against 11 until the 10th minute. Brefo is replaced in the 10th minuteby ‘n’ Gossan Antoine.
The opening of this final score comes in the 12th minute. It is the work of Adama Bakayoko, Mimos centre forward. His superb shot outside the penalty area caught goalkeeper Cameroonians in the ASI of Abengourou, Ode Ahanda Cyril (1-0, 12 minutes).
Mimos mastered the game and have control of the ball.
The center of the left side by ‘n’ Gossan Antoine and those on the right side by KoffiGautier are poorly operated by Adama Bakayoko and Mangoua Kesse.
At the 30th minutes, Mimos defence let surprise by shooting Cannon Koné Lakou Alain, out of the way on the left side of the keeper Sanogo Moussa. This is the EQ for the ASI of Abengourou. (1 1, 30′).
After this legalization, no real action n ‘ will take place until the whistle of the referee for the break.
After the break, the teams return lockers with no change in their ranks. It is ASI trying to launch the first offensive of this period. But soon, he is stopped in his tracks. ASEC Mimosas took over the game in hand but demonstrated of clumsiness and is therefore unable to score.
At the 67th minute, Séri Jean Michaël, entered in place of Kay doua Irenaeus, dizzywith the Defender Ballo Oumar before placing in orbit, Adama Bakayoko, in the boxof the ASI of Abengourou. The latter is tackled to the ground by the central defender of the ASI of Abengourou. The arbitrator refused to whistle the indisputable penalty.
ASEC always attacks and get scared by the rare counter – attacks of the ASI of Abengourou.
At the 87th minute, Mark Sekyere sends a Cannonball that goes over the crossbar of the guardian of the ASI of Abengourou.
After 3 minutes of minutes of additional time, the arbitrator return teams in the locker room to prepare for extra time.
Despite many offensives of share and others, extensions won’t allow the holder of the 48th edition of Lady Cup national Designer.
So we used the shots to the goal (5-4 for ASEC Mimosas) and, at the end of an incredible suspense, Lady National Cup chose ASEC Mimosas and guardian Sanogo Moussa (hero of the final by stopping 2 penalty shoot-outs) for this edition.
It is the joy in the camp Mimos. Congratulations to all!